Using Kratom For Insomnia: The Best Kratom For Sleep

Using kratom for insomnia is becoming increasingly popular. You have to be careful about the dosage, and the type of kratom you use. But once you find the best kratom for sleep that suits you, you can really make a difference to your lifestyle.

So let’s talk about those two crucial facts because they can really make a difference. As can your state of mind when you are ready for bed, and it’s something else you want to cover briefly at the end of this guide.

I’ve suffered from insomnia a few times in my life, and recently I found that using kratom in small doses could really help with sleep deprivation problems. So I want to pass on my knowledge to you here so that you have a starting point for finding the best kratom to sleep you.

The Reasons Why We Struggle To Sleep & How Kratom Can Work

The reasons we struggle to sleep basically boil down to 3 reasons:

  • The mind isn’t ready or able to sleep
  • The body is not ready to sleep
  • physical pain stops us from drifting off from sleeping well

That may sound obvious, but it could be excess physical energy, it could be physical pain. Mentally, it could be a racing mind, it could be anxiety, or it could be because the chemicals that activate sleep, or your body clock chemicals are not being produced in enough quantities.

Understanding the reasons why you aren’t sleeping will really help you to start dealing with the problem, and be better able to use kratom to help deal with it. Kratom works on the opioid receptors in the body. It’s a partial agonist of these receptors, which deals with pleasure and reward, pain modulation, and several other key functions.

So if you can’t sleep because you are physically in pain, then one of the active alkaloids in kratom can really help to numb pain.

And if it’s emotional pain, or racing, out-of-control thinking, kratom also has the ability to work on those receptors in the body to increase positivity, pleasure, happiness, and remove worry, calming you down.

Let me say here that it’s not a complete solution. If there are underlying mental or physical health conditions, you should not be ignoring them and dosing kratom to try and deal with it. You should also never take kratom alongside a prescription sleeping pill either.

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Avoid White Kratom For Insomnia

Before I talk to you about the best kratom for sleep, I want to tell you about the kratom strains you should avoid.

Basically, there are three types of kratom. White, green, and red. The balance of alkaloids is different in each of these, with white kratom having more of the alkaloid that enhances physical and emotional energy.

So White kratom is brilliant for daytime use or having a huge physical and mental boost on a night out. But it’s terrible for helping you sleep. Imagine drinking 3 cups of strong coffee 30 minutes before you hit the sack, that’s what you will be doing with white kratom.

On top of that, because of this effect, it can increase the effects of anxiety, meaning that when you are lying awake at night anxious, white kratom could make that more intense.

Green kratom can be similar. It’s usually milder than white or red, and more balanced between the effects of white and red. But it still has a significant physical and emotional energy boost, even though it’s balanced with more analgesia and sedation, especially at higher doses.

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The Best Kratom For Sleep Is Red Kratom

So the best kratom for sleep deprivation is undoubtedly red kratom. That’s because it has the highest proportion of the alkaloid which helps with analgesia and sedation. The higher the dose, the more these effects kick in.

You’ll also feel blissful on red kratom. But you have to keep the dose low, as low as possible. The higher the dose, the more you will get an initial rush of enthusiasm and happiness, which can make you want to do anything other than sleep.

Also, high doses of kratom can make breathing shallow. If you are obese or have breathing problems, that could cause even bigger problems for you.

The truth is that pretty much any red kratom will help with sleep deprivation. I’ve used Thai, Bali, Borneo, and even Red Malay, and have found just a small dose alongside a good bedtime routine has really helped me regain control.

I’d advise starting with a classic opiate-like red kratom, Bali or Thai. They are rich, and if you get 100% pure kratom from a reputable online vendor, then a small dose will be more than enough to make you feel really chilled out, wash your worries away, and take away any physical pain and discomfort. If you are looking to buy high-quality kratom, please check out the list of my recommended vendors.

Dosing Kratom For Sleep Deprivation

The best kratom dosage for sleep is going to be a small one.  But a low dose, I’m talking 2-4 grams of pure kratom, is enough to take physical pain away, calm the mind, calm the body, and allow you to drift off far more easily as long as you back it up with a positive bedtime routine.

If your bedtime routine involves playing a game on your mobile device until you eventually hope to drop off, then ditch it. Make sure you don’t watch TV, make sure you don’t stimulate the mind. Read if you have to, but it’s best to wind down properly, have a warm drink, and mix the kratom with it.

Process your thoughts for the day, let the beautifully warm red kratom and the warm drink calm you further, clear your mind, and then go to bed to actually sleep.

Telling your mind that bed is a place to purely lay down and sleep will really help, and if you’ve dealt with the emotions of the day, with your anxiety and physical pain dampened by high-quality red kratom like Thai or Bali, then I promise you that you will sleep better.

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