Best Kratom Strains For Pain And Anxiety Management

If you’re looking for the best kratom for pain and anxiety relief, then I’m hoping this quick guide will really help you to work out which kratom strains will be best for you.

I’ve suffered from physical pain for more than a decade, and kratom has helped me in a way that nothing else ever has. I’ve also suffered a bit from anxiety at times, which I think is because of my bad back, and kratom has also eased that. As long as you are sensible, it’s a low-risk way of turning your life around.

But there’s another side to using kratom for pain and anxiety, and that the pain and anxiety related to withdrawal symptoms. But you have to be careful if you’re using kratom for alcohol withdrawal because suddenly stopping drinking can actually kill you. But in terms of helping you beat a dangerous opiate addiction, well, kratom is proving to be excellent at helping people to achieve that.

So let’s take a look in detail at which kratom is best for pain, the best kratom dosage for pain relief, how kratom dosed carefully can help with anxiety and depression, and also where you can actually buy pure kratom that you can begin your journey with.

Kratom for chronic pain

How To Use Kratom For Pain Management

 This is a quick and easy guide to using kratom for pain management, and relieving anxiety, depression, and opiate withdrawal symptoms, so I don’t want to blind you with science.

But basically, kratom interacts with receptors in our bodies. It is a partial agonist of the opioid receptors in our body, meaning that it binds to those receptors and affects the signals they relay, but not fully.

Kratom specifically is a partial agonist of the mu-opioid receptors. The mu-opioid receptors control several key functions in the body:

  • Risk and reward
  • Pain management
  • Appetite
  • Mood and outlook

So things which fully, or partially, bind to these receptors can affect positively, or negatively, those functions.

Things like heroin, morphine, and opiate medications all can help reduce pain levels significantly. The problem is they are full agonists, they directly bind to the receptors. This can lead to 2 problems:

  1. The opioid receptors are also the receptors in our body which if stimulated can lead to addiction to the substance that is stimulating. That’s why heroin becomes so highly addictive, as do opiate medicines. But it’s actually morphine that is the purest opiate, that can be the most highly addictive. Kratom is a partial agonist, so it does not have a profile that can lead to acute addiction.
  2. When these receptors are overstimulated it can cause depression and anxiety to increase. That’s why heroin addicts tend to get worse, because depression builds, meaning they are reaching for their next hit to pull themselves out of it. It’s a self-perpetuating spiral downwards, because of how it interacts with the opioid receptors.

kratom for pain management

Dealing With Physical Pain Using Kratom

So as you can see, as long as you use it sensibly, then using kratom for pain and anxiety relief is better than using opiates that fully bind to the mu-opioid receptors, including prescription opiates. Basically, you get most of the relief, but without the addictive nature, and the potential for so much depression and anxiety.

So let’s talk about which kratom is best for pain, by specifically talking now about physical pain.

All kratom binds to the receptors we’ve talked about, so all kratom has some ability to minimize the physical pain. However, white kratom has the least ability to do this.

The reason for this is kratom actually contains two alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine is the most abundant, which gives energy, enthusiasm, mood lifts, a feeling of euphoria.

In far lesser quantities 7-hydroxymitragynine is present. This alkaloid has potent analgesic effects.

But the thing is, red kratom contains more 7-hydroxymitragynine and less Mitragynine, and in white kratom, that balance is switched. In green kratom, there is more of a balance between the two (however, green kratom also tends to have less total alkaloids overall).

So White kratom is perfect for lifting mood and energy levels, whereas red kratom is best for emotional calmness, and both physical and emotional pain relief.

I can’t go into much detail about why those alkaloid profiles are different. However, it’s mostly about the drying process, rather than how the leaves are grown. Kratom leaves are mostly just kratom leaves. It’s the drying process, where, how, duration, that creates the alkaloid profile.

best kratom for pain

Which Kratom Is Best For Pain

 So with more than 20 different strains of kratom, which kratom is best for pain management? Well, talking specifically about physical pain, you’re looking at red kratom mostly, or some strains of green kratom.

For me, I found great relief with classic red strains like Bali, Malay, and Borneo. A dose of a few grams really took away the physical pain. I would get an initial rush for about half an hour of energy and enthusiasm, my mood lifted and I would feel transformed mentally.

Then, the pain would start to vanish, the physical pain I suffered in my back for a decade would be almost unnoticeable for a few hours.

The pain was far less than I was experiencing when using very strong opiate medications under prescription. Because I was taking a low dose as well, as is common with kratom, you get a little bit of pain relief, but you get a significant energy and mood boost.

At higher doses that energy and mood boost disappears quickly, and gets replaced with incredible pain relief and narcotic traits. So the dose is very important.

The other type of red kratom I found to be really beneficial was Maeng Da. Now let me tell you about this type of kratom. It’s not a strain of kratom at all, it’s not dried and created as Red Maeng Da.

Maeng Da just means “pimp grade” in Malaysian. So it just means strong kratom, it’s a marketing term. So what you’re getting, if you can get the real stuff, are specially selected red kratom strains that are more powerful.

So somebody says this is a very strong batch of red kratom, let’s mix it with another strain of strong kratom and called this batch Maeng Da.

So it’s a lottery. However, if you can find sellers actually sell genuinely stronger kratom under this label, then you can get exceptional pain relief. So in terms of which kratom is best for pain, it could be Red Maeng Da that is best for pain, if you can get genuinely stronger kratom.

best kratom for pain and anxiety

How I found Strong Red Maeng Da

For me, I found Red Maeng Da that was stronger at The Evergreen Tree. Let me explain how I found it because it’s important for learning how to buy kratom generally.

The Evergreen Tree has a ton of positive reviews, and they sell a really good red vein combo pack. Their red kratom sample pack contains seven different strains, including Red Maeng Da. So I was able to experience the effects of all the main types of red kratom and know that they were the genuine feelings I should be experiencing. I could feel that the Maeng Da was intense, and at higher doses it would be far too intense.

That set the benchmark. I could then try other vendors, knowing what good kratom felt like, especially Maeng Da. It’s a journey that lasted two years, but it’s now got to the stage where I am 100% confident on the kratom sellers I buy from and can recommend.

Using Kratom For Anxiety

So now we’ve talked about using kratom for physical pain relief, let’s talk about what the best kratom for anxiety and depression will be.

Now it’s really important to note here that the alkaloid profiles mean that white kratom is not going to be suitable for anxiety relief. When you are anxious, you need to be calmed down, to feel chilled out. But white kratom brings an initial hit of energy that is like a massive caffeine boost. It can make people feel really jittery and edgy.

So the best kratom for anxiety is definitely not going to be white kratom, and the same applies to a lot of green kratom strains. However, at lower doses green kratom can with anxiety, just don’t push the dose too high otherwise you will suffer an initial rush of anxiety, rather than chill out.

But that’s not to rule green kratom out completely. Green Malay is a fantastic strain because it has strong elements of red kratom in it, meaning it can chill you out. But it still brings energy and focus.

So if you are suffering from anxiety during the day, and you want to remain focused and energized, but feel positive and calm as well, Green Malay, and also Green Borneo which I found to be similar, can really help.

The Evergreentree sells fantastic ultra enhanced green Malay capsules. Kratom capsules are easy to take, there’s no messing around with powder. If you need to calm your anxiety symptoms, and also physical pain symptoms during the day, then popping a couple of capsules every couple of hours can really take the edge off things.

But it’s red kratom again that will really help you with anxiety. Red kratom can chill you out, you’ll get a rush of warm positivity, energy, and focus, but that will start to subside after an hour or so into generally feeling very chilled out.

Any red strain will do, Bali, Indo, Kali. The bottom line is that as long as it’s genuine red kratom, the alkaloid profile will help to deal with anxiety. Just make sure you keep the dose as low as possible. I’ll talk to you more about dose levels in a little while, so stick with it here.

best kratom for anxiety

Best Kratom For Depression

 I want to start this section with a word of warning. As you’ve seen, opiates bind to the receptors in the body that deals with risk and reward. So kratom can be addictive.

On top of that, opiates can enhance depressive tendencies, which is why people who start strong opiate-based prescription medication courses are often at least observed, if not actively managed, for potential depression onset as well.

So be very careful when using kratom for depression. Keep the dose low. You’re also looking to lift your mood, which means white and green kratom at a low dose could be better than red kratom. Although you will feel very chilled out and happy on red kratom, it is slightly more likely to increase the depressive state in the medium term.

But a couple of grams of strong green, or white kratom, can really help to lift you out of depression. Just enough to make you feel positive, allow you to function, and to start to allow your mind to naturally feel it’s making progress, easing those depressive symptoms.

Any white kratom or any green kratom will be good for depression management. I’ll recommend The Evergreen tree as a place to get your hands on 100% pure green and white kratom powders.

But if you want to dose through the day, then again, capsules from although more expensive, can be dosed precisely, and more regularly, in a discreet way.

best kratom capsules

Kratom Dosage For Pain Relief

Dosage is something that is very difficult to talk about when you are discussing the best kratom for pain and anxiety relief. I’ll include depression in that as well.

As with anything, the lowest possible dose you can take to get the effect you need is preferable. Although kratom is not massively addictive, you can become dependent on it. And that is more likely to happen at persistent high doses.

I’m going to talk about average doses in terms of pure kratom. Most of the kratom sold is cut with other herbs, or is poorly transported and stored, so it’s effectiveness is low, and the physical dose will be higher.

All I can do is help you to see which bracket of dose you should be looking at taking:

  • A low dose is usually around 1-3 grams
  • The moderate dose is up to 6 grams
  • High dose to 10 grams
  • Overwhelming dose above 10 grams

So you’ll want to be starting on a low dose. If it’s your first time with kratom, I’d actually suggest you take a single gram. If you’ve got your hands on pure Maeng Da, then you’ll feel it, as you will with other types as well.

You should be hitting a sweet spot where you get the full effects at a moderate level, around that 3-4 gram mark. That means finding your own level of kratom dosage for pain.

So my advice is generally with dosing kratom for pain management, whether it’s physical and mental, is to start with a single gram, and work up a gram at a time until you feel the full effects. Then step up another couple of grams, so you can understand the full spectrum of effects.

It’s important to make that point to you. Kratom is a spectrum effect substance. At lower doses you will feel energized physically and emotionally, you’ll feel lucid, sharp, and a little bit chilled out and free of pain.

As the dose gets higher, that energizing and the positive feeling gets replaced with an overwhelming sense of pain relief, with being totally chilled out, to the point of not being able to do much at all rather than sit around feeling really good.

Finding your own “sweet spot” is crucial, and the starting point for that is making sure that you are experimenting with 100% pure red, green, or white kratom.

kratom dosage for pain

Kratom Side Effects To Be Aware Of

Kratom can have side-effects, as anything can if you are taking a high-dose of it. However, those side-effects can be minimal, or non-existent as long as you are being sensible.

Being sensible means having kratom free days, preferably more days per week free of kratom, than using it. If you’re having to use every day, please try and use the bare minimum and as few doses per day as possible.

But kratom side effects you need to watch out for are:

  1. Kratom can build tolerance rapidly at higher doses. That means you have to take more and more to get the same hit. By spacing out your doses, and keeping them as low as possible, you can get the maximum benefits with the minimum tolerance building.
  2. At high doses, you can feel nauseous, overwhelmed, and get a massive rush, a kratom high. Although this is great for recreational purposes, and for dealing with opiate withdrawal, by getting that same rush and bliss that you get from a heroin hit, it can be very detrimental. Especially as with high doses you will then pass into a state of being able to do very little, and feeling emotionally and physically detached.
  3. At any dose, mild nausea and disassociation are possible. However, most people only feel this the first few times, before they get used to it and it disappears.
  4. You can become dependent on kratom. Scientific studies have shown it can be mild, and as long as you are a moderate user, withdrawal symptoms will disappear within a few days. However, persistent heavy use can lead to withdrawal symptoms creating a problem of their own. Treat kratom with respect, not as an easy miracle cure.

kratom side effects

Where To Buy 100% Pure Kratom

 So look, whatever you’re trying to deal with, the best kratom for pain and anxiety management is going to be 100% pure kratom, that is either white for dealing with depression, red for dealing with most other sources of pain, and green for getting some mild balance.

In terms of where to buy 100% pure kratom, I always buy my kratom from the following vendors.

  1. The Evergreen Tree

My favorite kratom vendor right now is a company called The Evergreen Tree. I discovered these guys nearly 2 years ago now, and they have become my primary personal supplier of the highest quality kratom I’ve been able to source in the USA over the past five years.

Each type of kratom they sell has verified independent third-party purity reporting in place.

They also offer discreet shipping. Well packaged so there’s no smell and no mention of what’s in the packaging. Perfect if you are ordering somewhere in the world where receiving kratom and using it isn’t legal.

They sell a fantastic range of kratom, the widest I’ve ever seen:

  • 31 types of kratom capsules
  • 35 types of kratom powder
  • Kratom extracts
  • Enhanced kratom powder & capsules

To give you some idea of the overall quality, let’s just talk you through the red Maeng Da capsules that they sell. A blend of really potent kratom, it offers significant pain-relieving, calming, dumbing down, and overall comfort.

You can even buy those capsules, in fact, all the kratom they sell, in three different strengths brackets. The strongest for the Maeng Da capsules is up to 2.4% alkaloids. I’m telling you, this is really potent stuff at very good prices (100 capsules at this strength of red Maeng Da is just $60).

If you’re looking for something more exotic, alongside the fantastic quality standard kratom powder types, you can get exotic kratom powders such as Elephant powder and Bentuangie kratom. Bentuangie powder is so smooth and subtle it’s delicious. 100 g, up to 1.7% alkaloid content, will cost you just $30. Really good quality and price to experiment across every type of kratom available.

Evergreen tree kratom for pain

  1. Kratora (

If you’re looking for quality and reliability, then Kratora (sometimes known as “Buy Kratom” due to advertising around their domain, these are a fantastic kratom vendor if you are based in the USA (they only ship within the USA, Canada, and Mexico).

A fantastic source of good quality kratom for several years now, the only reason I prefer the Evergreen tree in some cases is due to the difference in the range available. Shopping around between the two gets me the best overall value and variety for my needs.

Don’t get me wrong though, the range at Kratora is significant, and if you want solid basics then you’ll never need to shop anywhere else. Pricing and quality is superb.

So there’s not much to choose between them. If you’re a beginner though, Kratora is definitely an online store you should be checking out.

They do the best range of good value variety packs I’ve ever seen. They also do six different types of kratom extracts, including a 50 strength extract. Better than that, they even do an extract variety pack if you want to try as potent infused kratom.

kratora kratom for pain


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