Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Pass A Drug Test?

It’s claimed that you can use apple cider vinegar for drug tests, you basically drink it, it floods your body, flushes out the toxins, and leaves you clean to submit a sample. But does apple cider vinegar really help to pass a drug test, or is it another home remedy fantasy tale?

Well, what I’m going to do here quickly is tell you what the apple cider drug test method is, if there’s any science behind it, and what your chances of success using it are. But more than that, I’ll also tell you about three other strategies that you can use to help you pass even the most complex urine sample drug test quickly.

What Is The Apple Cider Vinegar Drug Test Method?

Apple cider vinegar is just that. It’s apple cider that’s been fermented to turn all the alcohol into mildly acidic vinegar.

It’s this acidity which makes it good for many home remedy purposes, things like treating wounds, and some digestive complaints.

Actually, when it comes to using apple cider vinegar for a drug test, there are two methods that people talk about:

  1. Drinking the Apple cider vinegar to flush out drug toxins from your body. Because it’s good at removing toxins, the idea is that it will get rid of drug toxins just as well.
  2. Adding apple cider vinegar directly to your urine sample before you hand it over. The idea about this method is that it lowers the pH of the urine sample, which can lead to a false negative result.

Now for me, the second method is insane. When you hand the sample over, remembering this is the modern drug testing age, they will test the sample to make sure it’s valid. They will spot an incorrect pH range instantly.

In terms of the first method, drinking apple cider vinegar before your drug test, the steps are:

  • Mix several spoonfuls of Apple cider vinegar with a 16 oz glass of water and drink it
  • Repeat the process in the step above 30 minutes later
  • Over the next three hours drink a gallon of water

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Pass A Drug Test

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Pass A Drug Test?

Now although some people online will claim that using apple cider vinegar drug test method will work if you drink it, there’s not a shred of scientific evidence that vinegar helps to mask or remove drug toxins in the body any more quickly than normal water.

However, look at all that water you are drinking! That’s going to completely flush out your urine. It won’t have the right specific gravity range anymore, probably it will be outside the correct pH range, it may not contain creatinine, vitamins, minerals, or any other waste products pushed through from the body that are always present in urine.

So for me, the answer the question around does apple cider vinegar help pass drug test, is there’s not a chance in hell that it will.

Maybe in the old days people managed to flush out the toxins with water for a few hours using this method, and because drug testing was less advanced, they got away with it. I’m telling you now though, there’s not a chance in hell that you will get away with that now.

What Works To Pass A Drug Test?

So look, please don’t use apple cider vinegar for a drug test, it doesn’t help to pass one, and you’ll probably just make yourself feel sick at the same time as you make yourself look stupid.

You don’t even need to use apple cider vinegar for drug test anyway, because whatever notice you have, there are three other strategies you can employ that a far more effective.

  1. Natural Detox + Detox Pills

The first thing you can do is a natural detox and accelerate it with high-quality detox pills. You’ll need about a week to do this if you are a chronic daily weed smoker, but a shorter space of time if you are only intermittently taking drugs.

Get yourself some high-quality detox pills, Toxin Rid is the number one brand and are incredibly powerful. Go for the 10 day Toxin Rid course just in case. Also, get yourself some home drug test kits.

Do a natural detox for those 7-10 days. That means don’t take in toxins, drink tons of water, eat lean proteins, cut out fat, sugar, carbohydrates, exercise every day, basically live healthily. Alongside the detox pills, you will pump out tons of toxins, leaving yourself naturally clean on the day of your test. Just check yourself with a home drug test kit before you go to submit your sample.

You can purchase Toxin Rid from Testclear.

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  1. Synthetic Urine

The second method to pass a drug test, that’s far better than using the apple cider vinegar drug test method, is simply to submit a fake sample of synthetic urine As most drug tests outside of law enforcement or probation will be unsupervised, you’re not going to get caught smuggling in a sample of fake urine.

Just go for a high-quality brand like Sub Solution, or Quick Luck. If you’re on a budget, then for a basic pre-employment drug test Quick Fix will be good enough as well.

For me, and always for basic pre-employment tests, synthetic urine is definitely the method to go for. You don’t need to prepare, you’ve nothing to fear, all you have to do is make sure that it’s high-quality fake urine submitted within the right temperature range for human urine.

You can purchase Sub Solution and Quick Luck from the manufacturer’s webshop.

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  1. Detox Drinks

The third option is to buy a marijuana detox drink. You can get them in Walmart, but they are mostly of poor quality. Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean,  are the two brands that I trust and recommend.

As long as you’ve got to hours notice, and your toxin exposure is not really high, you can drink the drink, urinate frequently, and you’ll still submit a balanced sample because of the construction of the detox drink.

For best results though, especially if you’ve got tons of drug toxins in your body, you’ll need to do a 48 hour detox before the day, and then use the detox drink to mask the rest. If you can boost this short detox with detox pills like Toxin Rid (they do one and two day courses as well) even better.

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All three of those are better methods than trying to use apple cider vinegar for a drug test, it’s just another crazy home remedy that simply will not work.

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