Adrafinil Review: Dosage, Effects (Including Adrafinil High) & Where To Buy

In this five minute Adrafinil review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to use it successfully and safely. We will especially cover the Adrafinil dosage range you should be using in careful detail.

We, Will, talk about the Adrafinil effects and benefits you can experience, and at what dosage range they fully kick in. You’ll learn how long Adrafinil lasts, and how well it works as a nootropic, as a smart drug, to boost cognitive performance levels.

We will also discuss the feeling of an Adrafinil high, and if it’s safe or productive, as well as telling you about a couple of places where you can buy real Adrafinil that’s purity guaranteed.

What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a wakefulness agent that was first created in France during the 1970s to help people who worked irregular hours and struggled to be alert (“the graveyard shift”).

It was also then used, and still is in some countries, as an answer to the serious health condition narcolepsy where people struggle to actually stay awake. It’s also been experimented with ADHD, with mixed results.

It works through being metabolized by the liver into the active ingredient modafinil. So it’s actually modafinil which is working for you when you take Adrafinil. Adrafinil and modafinil are the same things, but there are subtle differences between the two formats.

Adrafinil increases levels of a neurotransmitter called hypocretin. This is primarily responsible for alertness, wakefulness. At higher doses, it has the ability to completely eradicate fatigue. Indirectly, it also raises levels of glutamate, which in turn can increase levels of dopamine.

Although not fully proven, it’s also thought to raise levels of GABA, helping to promote calm and focus. GABA also increases levels of alpha brain waves, which are crucial to sharpened thinking.

But what’s also been found is that healthy people can use it as a nootropic, a smart drug, to boost their cognitive performance. It’s important to note though that no proper scientific studies have ever been completed into healthy individuals using it as a cognitive enhancer.

Adrafinil Effects & Benefits

Most of what’s known about Adrafinil has been through animal studies, mostly rats, mice, dogs, things like that. But it has been used by humans for narcolepsy and wakefulness problems. The problem is those studies are limited and have only been done on that trait.

However, anecdotally from using it, and other people use it, the Adrafinil effects and benefits you’ll get are as follows:

  1. Adrafinil will make you feel more alert. It is going to make you feel significantly sharper mentally and physically. This will be hyperactive like a large dose of caffeine though, it’s smooth and controlled.
  2. Using Adrafinil you will think more quickly. It will feel like things aren’t on the tip of your tongue anymore. Your memory will call will be faster, you’ll just feel like everything is moving more quickly in your brain.
  3. Adrafinil promotes wakefulness very strongly. You’ll feel like you’re “in the room”, on it, really focused, on top of the task, in control.
  4. You’ll also feel happy and positive. Because of the effects on dopamine in the brain, you’ll feel more motivated, more certain, happy.
  5. Your attention span will improve. You won’t drift off so quickly into unfocused thinking. However, at high doses, you could suffer from the problem of hyper-focusing on the wrong things.

Adrafinil Effects

Is Adrafinil A Smart Drug?

It’s important to say again that Adrafinil has never had a study done to see how it can improve cognitive performance. However, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence out there, and the traits it improves definitely improve thinking.

Most people using Adrafinil report a significantly increased sense of mental focus. They feel positive and able to concentrate for longer, even on menial tasks.

Memory retention seems better, memory recall is definitely sharper.

Alertness, wakefulness, stimulation. All of those things will happen. Adrafinil is definitely a stimulant mentally, but not so much physically. But physically you will feel more determined and positive, which is why it’s often used by bodybuilders. That’s down to the dopamine increase.

You’ll also feel happy because of the dopamine boost. Dopamine also helps with memory function. Put together, Adrafinil is definitely a smart drug, but it’s not overwhelming, and it’s definitely not like caffeine where you are alert bit jittery. Adrafinil feels smooth and confident.

How An Adrafinil High Feels

Some people wonder how a high dose of Adrafinil could make you feel. Can you get an Adrafinil high feeling?

You certainly can, and it feels weird:

  • A rushing but focused feeling
  • Your mind will be working in overdrive
  • You’ll definitely get a significant increase in physical energy
  • You’ll feel very happy
  • you can feel deliriously happy
  • Productivity will feel fantastic you are usually achieving little

The US military used to experiment with using amphetamines to keep soldiers happy and focused on combat situations. They’ve also tried Adrafinil and modafinil. This is common to many militaries, especially special forces.

So yes, you can get an Adrafinil high, and at high doses, it does produce an incredible confidence, happiness, positivity, and energy drive, but without it being crazily out of control. But don’t expect productivity or focus.

Adrafinil Dosage Range

A low dose of Adrafinil is around 200 mg. A typical dose is 300 or 400 mg, and a high dose is considered to be 600 mg. To get an Adrafinil high though, you’re looking at a dose of 1000 mg.

Be careful though, because high doses can be unpredictable. Also, productivity does not go up in a linear fashion. I found after 600 mg I wasn’t getting any more productive, in fact, I was becoming extremely focused on junk I shouldn’t have been.

The advice from me is to start at 200 mg and work up 100 mg at a time. At 600 mg you should be feeling strong but controllable effects.

Adrafinil dosage

When To Take Adrafinil

Because Adrafinil is an aggressive wakefulness agent, it’s best taken in the morning. If you take it too late in the day, or the dose is too high, you simply won’t sleep. That means you’ll have a good day followed by a couple of crap days, not beneficial at all.

Also, I’d only recommend you take it a couple of days per week, have at least a 2-4 day gap between doses.

If you keep taking Adrafinil every day, you will struggle to sleep, and it can promote tolerance which can lead to difficulties getting off it. It’s should be seen as an occasional use benefit.

Adrafinil vs Modafinil

Adrafinil is a prodrug of modafinil. What that means is Adrafinil is converted in the liver and the active ingredient that produces the cognitive benefits is modafinil.

So it doesn’t matter if you take Adrafinil or modafinil, it’s modafinil that’s at work.

The pros of Adrafinil Vs modafinil are:

  • Adrafinil doesn’t cause nausea as frequently as modafinil
  • Adrafinil is half the price of modafinil

The cons of Adrafinil Vs modafinil are:

  • Modafinil starts working far more quickly because it doesn’t have to be metabolized in the liver
  • Modafinil effects last slightly longer

Does Adrafinil Work?

Does Adrafinil work? Undoubtedly! But don’t expect an “other world” experience. This isn’t going to turn you into the guy out of the film “Limitless”. What will happen is that after about an hour you will start to function better cognitively though. You’ll be more focused, your mind will think more quickly, basically, you will just get more done.

You’ll have the more physical and mental energy, better clarity, more determination. You’ll also feel happier and more positive.

These effects last for up to 5 hours or so (with peak effects lasting two hours), and then they tail off. The higher the dose, the longer those effects last.

But don’t expect miracles. You still have to know what you want to achieve. If you’re unfocused, you’ll end up hyper-focusing on junk like computer games, or agonizing over tasks aren’t important. Have a to-do list ready to go.

Where To Buy Adrafinil

Let’s finish this quick Adrafinil review by telling you exactly where to buy it.

The problem with knowing where to buy Adrafinil from is that most Adrafinil reviews don’t talk to you about purity guarantees Because Adrafinil is a grey market, unless it independently tested, then how the hell do you know what you are buying?

I only buy new tropics and other supplements from websites that have every batch they buy in independent lab tested. What happens is an independent company lab test a sample from each batch for purity. Those purity reports are then published on the product page, verifying the purity and potency.

The two places I have bought smart drugs from, and Adrafinil specifically, are:, who sells Adrafinil in loose powder and sublingual liquid format. Loose powder is really cheap, and is water-soluble, but you have to weigh it and drink it. They publish purity reports for everything they sell and offer a full moneyback guarantee.

The powder costs $17.99, and that’s for a huge 5 g of powder. The sublingual liquid is more expensive because you’re paying for the convenience. That’s dosed at 100 mg/mL, with a total dose of 3000 mg for $19.99.

adrafinil for sale

The second place I’d recommend you buy Adrafinil from is Again, you get those purity reports and a moneyback guarantee.

They sell Adrafinil in a convenient capsule form. 60 capsules will cost you $69. Each capsule is dosed at 300 mg, giving you 60 perfect daily Adrafinil doses.

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