About Me

I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes over the past couple of years and this blog is going to tell you about my journey and pass on the information I’ve learned as well.

I got into bodybuilding in a serious way a couple of years ago, but I quickly realized I’d hit a brick wall. No matter how hard I tried, I was struggling to cut fat will build bulk. I was also getting exhausted, and I started to realize that something was seriously wrong with what I was doing.

Research showed that bodybuilding supplements and SARMs could really help me, and I haven’t looked back since I sensibly started using them. So part of this blog is going to be my journey and passing on info about what I found to work, not work to aid natural bodybuilding. Also talk about my diet and other things as well, as a classic mistake people make is to try and cut fat by cutting calories, but this actually not only encourages the body to store fat, but it also means you can’t work out as hard to burn the calories you need.

Along the way, I also started to use kratom and CBD. Kratom was partly to help me with motivation and calmness, both CBD and kratom also help me a bit with shortening my post-workout recovery times. So I want to tell you about my experiences with kratom especially because that can be really complex to work out.

I’ll also admit that I have been doing quite a lot of weed smoking over the past couple of years as well. That hasn’t been great for job prospects. But I got around that by using detox products and fake urine, so I’ll definitely talk to your bit about that as well. So if all that appeals, then hopefully you’ll find this blog helpful.

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