A Guide For Administering CBD For Dogs

CBD or Cannabidiol is an active ingredient derived from Marijuana (Cannabis), which is proven to have various health benefits in humans and animals. This ingredient is also found in Marijuana’s cousin, the hemp plant, referred to as medical marijuana.

While it is extracted from the same plant family, CBD is not known to cause “high” as you may have assumed from its characteristics. Instead, it delivers the usefulness of Cannabis while keeping you in your normal state.

The endocannabinoid system in dogs is similar to that in humans, so they can also benefit from CBD oil for dogs. It eases digestive problems, relieves anxiety and stress in dogs, combats nausea, and treats chronic pain when administered orally. Furthermore, when it comes to cancer in dogs, it can shrink the cancerous tumors and lessen the harmful effects of radiation. In other circumstances, it can increase mobility and reduce inflammation in joints in animals affected by hip dysplasia.

What to consider when choosing CBD for dogs?

While it is good to use CBD for your pets, knowing a few things before administering is essential. Here are some factors to consider.

Veterinarian’s approval

The first thing to consider while buying CBD for dogs is asking your veterinarian whether you can give it to your pet or not. Although it is a safe and effective natural medicine for dogs, you should consult its administration to know its possible side effects if given in the wrong doses. The proper dosage of CBD is highly essential to avoid any complications.


Marijuana-produced CBD oil contains a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This ingredient makes you feel high. CBD oils are primarily derived from hemp. However, hemp CBD oil has a low concentration of THC. Therefore, it is best to buy CBD oil for dogs derived from hemp to avoid getting high.

Besides, you should know which part of the hemp plant CBD is derived. It should be extracted from its flowers. The stalks and seeds can also extract CBD, but the flowers contain the most potent and effective CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD

While buying CBD for your dog, go for the one that claims full-spectrum CBD. Isolates or broad-spectrum products aren’t that useful and have fewer benefits. Buying a full-spectrum CBD oil means that you will attain the most from the cannabinoids that work together in an entourage effect and earn maximum benefits of the medication.

In CBD isolates or broad-spectrum products, most cannabinoids are removed and do not contain any THC. Lesser than 0.3% of THC is essential in CBD oil because it helps in enhancing the activity of other cannabinoids. If the label of a dog CBD oil says “Pure CBD” or “No THC,” avoid it and look for the one that contains THC in safe composition.

Extraction process

Since you do not want to give an impurity-filled CBD product to your pet, the extraction process is essential. Cold-pressing and carbon dioxide extraction are safer ways to extract THC from hemp. However, a few companies use cheaper methods that might leave toxic substances in the oil and impact its overall quality.


A CBD product’s potency is most often determined by its milligrams (mg). As a general rule, the higher the milligrams per volume, the stronger the dosage. It is the same for other ingredients such as CBG (Cannabigerol) or melatonin (aids sleep).

Your dog’s weight will determine the required potency of the CBD oil. Most reputed brands recommend the dosage of this tincture based on small, medium, and large breeds. However, there are some exceptions. Some dogs suffer from chronic diseases or might need CBD for other purposes. In such cases, the dosage can be customized as per the requirement. Therefore, you must consult a vet to decide the appropriate CBD oil’s potency for your dog.

The reputation of the brand

Before buying CBD oil, it is necessary to check the brand’s background. You might want complete transparency, including pricing, third-party testing, source, ingredients, farming practices, extraction processes, etc. For that, look at their reviews on social media. Furthermore, please verify all the claims they make about where their product came from and what impact it has. Therefore, reading about the brand’s reputation is a great idea.

Consider CBD companies that promote holistic pet health and work hard to educate consumers and businesses about its benefits. If the company does not know much about CBD itself, stay away.

Third-party testing and Certificate Of Analysis

Ensure that the company offers complete third-party lab testing. Any CBD oil company worth considering will mention their lab results. If a company doesn’t have lab results or whose results have not been updated in the past year, it should be ignored because you don’t want to introduce a deceptive product to your dog. Also, it may be good to double-check the lab used to conduct the testing to make sure the results are not fake.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) mentions how much and what kind of cannabinoids are in a CBD product. Typically, the certificate is obtained from third-party laboratories. Whenever you buy CBD oil, make sure you ask for a COA from the company if their website doesn’t have one. The COA protects your pet from inferior products, and the manufacturer should issue one for every batch of hemp.


Whether you are buying from amazon or the brand’s official website, it is essential to know how the brand has maintained its online presence. Navigating the website should be easy, and all information should be accessible without searching for it. It shows that the brand doesn’t want to conceal anything from the customers.

Dosage of CBD oil for dogs

Giving your dog the appropriate dosage of CBD is essential. It is often calculated based on its weight. As a general rule, 0.2 mg of CBD per pound is recommended. For instance, if your pet is 25 pounds, 5 mg of oil is enough.

Some brands already mention the dosage of the product on the label. If your dog’s weight is under 20 pounds- 4 drops twice daily; for 20 to 70 pounds- 4-8 drops twice daily; and for 70+ pounds- 8 to 14 drops twice daily.


This guide is to help you comprehend how to buy CBD oil for dogs and how much it requires. Each animal has a unique reaction to CBD, so starting slow is the best way to know how it benefits your pet. Also, don’t forget to talk to your veterinarian to avoid any problems.


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